Fun theme. Useful tools.

It’s not complicated.

We see tools that we want available for Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). We decided to build these tools and have some fun while doing it.

Starting in 2022, we will be actively developing tools that we want to see available to developers and users of the Algorand ecosystem. Our lovable mascot Algo MoonBoi will be there to highlight the way in a recurring comic and NFT releases. Check out our roadmap to see what we have planned for MOONBOI in 2022!

What’s the easiest way to contribute?

The easiest way to get involved with MOONBOI is to swap some Algorand tokens (ALGO) for our tokens on TinyMan, which is Algorand’s default decentralized trading protocol. However, if you want to support us directly, consider buying one of our NFTs!

We recently added a second NFT to our Incentivized NFT program! You can still find the Iron Token, linked here. You can also now purchase the Copper Token, linked here! If you have the Copper Token, be sure to add ASA ID 583561468 on the same wallet for a chance to receive the Nickel Token!

How can you connect?

You can reach us directly on both Discord and Reddit. However, if you prefer a more direct forum, click the email link at the bottom of the page, or email us at You can also stay updated on our latest updates by following us on Twitter! All links are available in the footer.

We try to be as responsive as possible, so please be patient when reaching out. However, if you have difficulty reaching us on one medium, we promise that we are not avoiding you. Just try another!