Incentivized NFTs Yield Monthly Drops

Starting in 2021, we began releasing partially fungible tokens (PFTs; we shall refer to them as NFTs for simplicity) associated with MOONBOI. Of these, currently the iron token and the copper token are on sale and in circulation. If you hold these NFTs in a wallet that is opted into MOONBOI (ASA ID 390982964) for the last 20 days of the month, we’ll automatically send you a MOONBOI drop at the end of the month! We locked the MOONBOI drop rates through the end of 2022: currently, the Iron Token yields 107,527 MOONBOI monthly, and the Copper Token yields 430,108.

There is another incentivized token, the Nickel Token, which cannot be purchased. By holding a Copper Token and opting into the Nickel Token (ASA ID 583561468), you automatically have a chance of receiving the Nickel Token at the beginning of each month. The Nickel Token drops 1,075,270 a month. We claw Nickel Tokens back and redistribute them at the beginning of each month.

Incentivized NFTs

Gamified Returns!

We have ambitions to eventually launch full-fledged MOONBOI games. Starting in May 2022, we’re giving you a small (tiny?) taste of that by allowing you to gamify your incentives! Rather than receive your NFT incentives at the end of the month, you may opt some (or all) of your Iron & Copper tokens into a lossless lottery. The incentives that would have gone to opted in tokens are instead pooled. At the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to receive 90% of the total pooled MOONBOI! We will collect the remaining 10% to help fund future initiatives.

Use the AlgoSwap buttons below if you’d like to opt your Iron Tokens into or out of the lossless lottery. Opting in will require you to add a new ASA ID. This is because participating will require you to hold place-holder tokens.