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What is the transaction Tallying Tool (TTT)?

Today, we’re finally releasing the Transaction Tallying Tool (TTT), which you can view (and use!) here. This is really exciting for us, because it marks the first use-case for MOONBOI. We promised, from the very beginning, that we would make exciting and useful tools for the community. Although the TTT does not appear on our road-map page, there is an obvious and apparent dearth in products that enable members of the Algorand community to reflect upon the monetary implications of their historical Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) transactions. We decided to begin to fill that void.

At the present time, it is impossible to trade for MOONBOI because Tinyman liquidity pools have been down following a recent exploit. We tried to be inclusive of members of the Algorand community who haven’t yet acquired MOONBOI by enabling an option to pay in ALGO. That being said, in order to reward those who have believed in us from the very beginning, we priced TTT favorably for anyone who’d prefer to pay in MOONBOI.

sample of transaction tallying tools outputs

TTT Retrieves USD values for all transactions

The secret sauce that makes TTT special is that it has access to ALGO USD values between July 2020 and the end of 2021, and it uses those values to calculate a USD value for all ASAs transacted. To our knowledge, this is the first tool that tries to do this for users! TTT enables you to look at each of your ASAs throughout a year individually, giving you insight into which assets were your best performers.

Transaction Tallying Tool Released; so what’s next?

We mentioned that this tool was not on our roadmap. We fit it in because we believe that many people are looking for something like TTT. In the spirit of full-disclosure, we need to emphasize that this is our first piece of software that we have made available for use. We tested it extensively, but it is possible (and likely) that bugs persist. The way we see it, we will most likely continue to support this tool so long as MOONBOI lives.

Currently, we plan on adding ALGO USD values as we get them. This will enable us to extend the transaction window to encompass 2022. We also want to improve on the algorithm so that TTT will be able to figure out USD values for staking rewards and airdrops. Beyond that, we’d like to think of some handy visualizations to go with the data. For these next few weeks, however, our main goal is to make sure that anybody who wants to use MOONBOI’s TTT, can. Should you encounter any issues, you can find us on our Discord, or you can email us directly at

We’re really excited about this release! We hope you are too.

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