Below, you will find all the tasks that we want to accomplish through 2022.

As the year progresses, we may move individual tasks around on this timeline. We want to complete all of the tasks indicated on this page by the end of 2022; however, because it is possible that others are working on the same tools that we are, priorities may shift as time moves on.

We chose to work on the tools below because we want to prioritize incentivizing those who have helped with our launch. If all goes well, anybody holding Tinyman liquidity tokens for MOONBOI, or one of our project NFTs, will begin receiving MOONBOI airdrops from us on a monthly basis starting in Q2 2022.

This roadmap was last updated on April 6th, 2022.

Q4 2021

Launched ASA (390982964).

Introduced iron token NFTs.

Launched the website (hey look, you’re here!)

Q1 2022

We released the TTT!

We started our LP & NFT incentives program, using our own in-house developed tool!

We put out our first large update to the TTT.

Q2 2022

Work on smart contract for the dropper tool.

Further develop the TTT.

A small surprise!

Q3 2022

This was the original intended launch date for the dropper tool. We will try to abide by this schedule.

Explore potential creative avenues for MOONBOI.

If time permits, begin working on a UI for the TTT.

Q4 2022

Our top priority for this quarter is preparing the TTT UI so that it can be available by early 2023.


At this point, we will survey the landscape and see what’s needed! We want to develop tools to supplement the Algorand ecosystem. We are starting with tools that interest us, but we will likely pivot with Algorand’s needs in the future.

We had previously alluded to a direct-trades tool. This has somewhat been covered by HDL’s AlgoPay (not entirely). For the time being, we’ve chosen to delay this. Our priorities may change as time goes on.