MOONBOI Supply Distributed

2021 Tokenomics

In 2021, we launched MOONBOI. The tokenomics distribution included four main allocations: 2% went directly to the creator. An additional 5% went to the creator as compensation for the original ALGO liquidity supply. We sent out 3.5% of the total supply in airdrops at launch. We used our foundational ALGOs to provide 6.5% of the total supply directly as liquidity.

In total, 17% of the total supply was distributed in 2021. This will remain the circulating supply until liquidity & NFT incentives go live. Click here to view the roadmap, which includes expected release dates.

2022 Tokenomics

2022 is when we expect our features to take off. Another 3% is allocated directly to the creator here, to be distributed upon both 1) the completion of the incentives tool, and 2) the sale of the 500th NFT.

We set aside 2% for liquidity incentives. We will distribute these to all liquidity providers proportionally to their contribution.

In addition, we set aside another 4% for NFT incentives. By buying MOONBOI NFTs, you are directly supplying ALGO MOONBOI, LLC with ALGOs that it can spend or add to the liquidity pool. For this reason, we thought it was appropriate to make the NFT incentives rewards pool larger than the liquidity incentives pool.

For 2022, we set aside 5% of the total supply for “content creators”. Content creation for MOONBOI generally refers to commissioned art, but it may also refer to assistance with tool development, website design, or any number of things that will help push the MOONBOI project forward. This pool will not necessarily be spent in 2022.

Finally, we set aside 2% of the total MOONBOI supply for “community engagement”. Although we do not have anything planned at the moment, we are leaving the door open to the creation of interactive community content. If you have ideas, please email us at algomoonboi@algomoonboi.com.


We explicitly allocated 33% of the total MOONBOI supply for 2021-2022. Less explicitly, we are leaving 7% of the supply unlocked through 2022 for unforeseen implementations. We do not expect this 7% to be used at all. Possible exceptions may occur if we are substantially ahead of schedule and we implement new, previously unexplored features that will require us to unlock more of the total supply.

In addition, we will be “soft-locking” 10% of the supply on a quarterly basis. Once a quarter, we will review the tokenomics progression and determine whether more of the total supply is needed. So long as we are on track with our release schedule and there appears to be no issues, we will simply return the 10% to a locked state on a quarterly basis.

That leaves 50% of the supply that we will hard-lock through 2022. We are currently looking at locking solutions. Since we already purchased enough TINY tokens to suit our needs, our preference is to wait for TinySafe to become available. If it takes too long into 2022, we plan on reviewing TinyLock’s code to determine whether it is suitable for our needs.